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Please see the attached instructions. My Company is RIVIAN

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My Company is RIVIAN

Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility 


Corporate governance and social responsibility should be vital components of an effective business strategy. Ensuring policies, procedures, and laws are practiced and followed allows for a business to operate within moral and ethical boundaries. Additionally, practicing social responsibilities enables a corporation to be mindful of the welfare and of the society in which it operates and provides for.

Watch the following videos on corporate social responsibility and corporate governance to get a greater understanding of the topics:

Corporate Social Responsibility: Overview (LinkedIn Learning, 04:18)Links to an external site.

An Introduction to Corporate Governance (YouTube 00:02:10)Links to an external site.

Post and Discuss

Describe your strategic audit company's current social responsibility and corporate governance policies, and what they are doing or not doing to practice effective social responsibility and corporate governance.