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My company is RIVIAN

Types of Leaders in Your Strategic Audit Company


In the book,  The 360 Degree Leader, author John C. Maxwell states, "Blessed are the flexible leaders, for they will not bend out of shape." Large successful global companies are looking for leaders who fit their culture, who are humble, hungry, and smart. 

Watch the video  Hiring Employees (LinkedIn Learning, 03:52).Links to an external site.  You will need to be logged into ERNIE to access this video.

After viewing the video, respond to the following:

· Research the type of leaders your strategic audit company is looking for. Do they hire from within and groom their future leaders, or recruit them from universities or other industries?

· Explain if this is working for your strategic audit company by presenting a brief overview of the type of leaders employed there. Is their leadership diverse, come from different countries, are the ages different, is there a mix of genders?