Mental Health Awareness and Support among College Students in Urban Areas


1. Locate and evaluate internet sites on community program planning and evaluation).

Using the above internet site select an intervention under YOUR signature assignment health topic to review and evaluate.   Make sure you review all tabs:

  • Snapshot
  • What the CPSTF Found
  • Supporting Materials
  • Considerations for Implementation

In at least three paragraphs (at least 5-6 complete sentences per paragraph), please discuss the following questions:

  1. Based on the information reviewed, briefly describe how you would use at least two intervention strategies to address the issue for your health program?
  2. What Program Planning Model will you apply to your health program and why did you choose it? (Tip: Do not choose the Generalized Model as it's a teaching model and framework and not a unique model)
  3. Is this internet site easily accessible, easy to understand and helpful?

Please make sure to reference both your course textbook AND the website as well as any other reference used, using APA 6th Edition Format.

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