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Part 2 - Statistical Analysis Final Thoughts Reflection 

Describe what you consider is the most important thing you have learned and what you will take away from the course. For example, you may want to discuss your improved understanding of a particular statistical test that you think you will use in your future statistic analysis course or career. Or, you may want to discuss your improved understanding of statistics in general and how they are used to shape the way we think about data. Throw back to each week’s module that we have been going through this semester:  

  1. Research Design
  2. Descriptive Statistics, Normal Distribution, and Standard Scores
  3. Correlation and Regression
  4. Hypothesis Testing Basics
  5. t-Tests
  6. Analysis of Variance
  7. Chi-Square and Other Non-Parametric Tests
  8. Selecting and Analyzing Data Sets for Research
  9. Presenting Research Findings
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