Write something on the different types of intentional torts that can occur in healthcare. These are
assault, battery, trespass, nuisance, interference with contractual relations, false imprisonment,
defamation, invasion of privacy, and fraud. Please choose two of the types of intentional torts listed
here and research on your chosen tort. These intentional torts must be related to healthcare. Below
are the required contents of your paper:
1. Definition of the intentional torts you have chosen.
2. Examples (at least two of each) of the intentional torts in the medical field that you have chosen
and discuss them.
3. Discuss how these intentional torts can be prevented in your chosen medical field (respiratory
1. The paper must be 3 pages long. Must have at least 500 words. Must be written in APA format. I
will be posting a sample paper written in the APA format and the document on how to cite using
the APA format.
2. Must answer all the questions that are specified above.
3. Write the citations for the references that you have used 

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