Literature Review II


Listed below are the assignment instructions. This is part II which includes the original elements from the original assignment. The bid is $20 and the due date is 14 Dec.

Assignment Content

  1. For your final assignment, you will create a research paper that includes elements of your Unit III Literature Review as well as the remaining parts of the research that are combined into one assignment. You should have a separate title page and reference page. Consider the following format when compiling your final paper:

    1. Title page
    2. Introduction/background of your topic (include theory in this section)
    3. Based on your previous literature review (completed in Unit III), identify and describe what the research question(s) were that the investigators were studying
    4. Literature review (incorporate your writing from Unit III with the two articles you reviewed)
    5. Describe if there were any ethical issues that the researchers identified based on their health care study
    6. Explain the practical means used to ensure the integrity of the research being conducted
    7. Evaluate the research design/methodology that was used in the two articles
    8. Include and discuss the survey questions and instrument used in both studies
    9. Conclusion
    10. Reference page
    11. The conclusion section should include responses to the following questions:

    12. What do you hope to learn from your research findings?
    13. How will you communicate the findings?
    14. What will you do with the information that you communicate? Will you start a public health program? Will you start providing education?
    15. In 500 words minimum, summarize the entire project.
    16. The final paper should be 7 to 10 pages in length (not including the title page or reference page). Please remember that the paper should be in APA format and contain in-text citations.
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