Literature Review


Listed below  are the assignment instructions.  The assignment bid $18 and the due date is Nov 27th. The Safe assign cannot exceed 15%.

Assignment Content

  1. For this assignment, you will conduct a literature review of two articles on a health care research topic that you are interested in based on a topic that interests you.

    Write a two-page review, double-spaced, with in-text citations and references in APA Style, to answer the questions below.

    • What is your research topic?
    • Provide background information:
    • Why is it important? Why did you choose the topic?
    • Did the researchers use a theory to guide their study? If so, which theory did the researchers use?
    • Summarize the main points and compare and contrast the two articles you selected.
    • Additionally, you will identify and interpret the research design and methodology outlined in the two studies you wrote about in your literature review. Include the following:

    • Which research design was used for each study?
    • Which approach was used to collect data: quantitative, qualitative, or mixed methods?
    • Why did the researchers choose this approach?
    • What type of tool was used to collect this information (survey, interview, observation, previously collected information)?
    • This information should be described in one to two pages.

      Your total assignment should be at least 3 to 4 pages to capture all prompts in both sections. This assignment will also be included later, in the final Unit VII paper.
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