Literature Assignment



  • Takeaways 1-5: Identify at least five (5) of the most important major “take-a-ways” you learned as an individual participating in both FOH and BOH operations of FSS 4234C and/or the Zoom or Live class discssions, lectures, and/or recordings. List each one in order of importance, each in a labeled separate paragraph(Takeaway 1, Takeaway 2, etc) and articulate how you will apply each “take-a-way” as a hospitality leader. Hint: Think ‘big picture’ or as if you are looking at our operations from 30,000 feet above.
  • Takeaways 6-10-Identify at least another five (5) labeled separate paragraphs describing the most important major “take-a-ways” learned as a result of completing our class project and the assigned weekly assignments. You may also reflect on extra credit work here if you did that. List each one in order of importancein a labeled separate paragraph for each(Takeaway 6, Takeaway 7, etc) and articulate how you will apply each “take-a-way” as a hospitality leader and or concept owner.
  • Begin your reflection with a brief Introduction paragraph and close your reflection with a Conclusion paragraph that draws these ten (10) “take-a-ways” into a summary paragraph that articulates your preparation for management/leadership role in a hospitality organization.

Expectations: Minimum of 1250 words, size 12 font and double spaced, business writing style/language, formatting and grammatically correct. This final is about reflection and your own professional thoughts of your experience in FSS 4234C. Share specifics. This is a focus on YOU!

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