Choose ONE of the topics below as the basis of your formal Drama Critique. Again, you should NOT be using any outside sources for this essay. Let me know ONLY what play/film you are critiquing and what question you're going to answer. If you want to show a few reasons why, that's fine, but your entire essay/critique shouldn't be here. You can choose any play film that you want, but you'll need to have links to them when you complete your critique. One great resource for this is the Internet Movie Database ( (Links to an external site.)).

Analyze the plot of a play. Consider both time and place. Also consider small-scale aspects of the setting, such as whether the action takes place indoors or out. Notice the descriptive details about the setting, whether the setting changes, and whether the action occurs in one time or place.


Analyze the ironic dimensions of any play. Consider how the playwright uses irony in the plot, dialogue, and/or setting.

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