Limits and Potentials of mariculture as a sustainable future of seafood


using the documentary and article below please answer the questions below 400 Words.


Shinn 2018:

Taking salmon mariculture as an example, answer the questions below on the limits and potentials of mariculture.

  1. According to Shinn (2018) and the documentary Estado Salmonero, what are the specific problems associated with growing salmon under human control? How does salmon mariculture affect the environment, the people (including those who grow or eat salmon), and the fish (both farmed and wild salmon)?
  2. Given these problems, do we still need to eat salmon? If so, how can we address the existing problems and grow salmon differently? If not, what can be our alternatives to salmon?
  3. Let's scale up the issue. Do you think mariculture leads us to a sustainable future of seafood? If not, what are its limits? If so, what are its potentials? How can we carefully grow fish, while minimizing ecological and social impacts?
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