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Getting Started

This assignment represents the culmination of work you began in the third week of this course.  In that workshop, you submitted a set of conversation questions for your Leader2Leader dialogue. If you have not already conducted that conversation, you will need to do so during this week so that you may submit your report by Day 7 of the workshop.

As a reminder, for this assignment, you will engage a leader of your choosing as you conduct a Leader2Leader dialogue. Taking into consideration what you have studied thus far about leading, you will use your list of conversation questions to gain new insights and perspectives on how someone else practices leadership. You’ve read from textbooks and articles. You’ve discussed this with your peers. Now, further insights might be gained by dialogues with key leaders in your life. Do they agree with some of the frameworks, principles, and practices you’ve been studying? Disagree? Have additional insights they might offer? What have they learned from their experiences in the areas you have been studying?

For a reminder on the interview guidelines, refer back to the instructions in Assignment 3.4.

Image depicting activities to be completed in workshops 1, 4, and 5 with the activity to be completed in this workshop 5 to be summarize and reflect interview.

Upon successful completion of this assignment, you will be able to:

  • Reflect upon the experiences, successes, and failures of other leaders as it pertains to various psychological implications of leadership and followership.

Background Information

An important part of leadership development is acquiring perspectives outside of a textbook. Throughout your program, you have been and will continue to be encouraged to glean insights or perspectives from a variety of external leaders. Beginning with this first course in your program, you have been encouraged to identify some leaders with whom you can hold a brief discussion (30 minutes or less). You should not just use the same leader for each course, but you should consider a variety of individuals from whom you might learn during the program (e.g., direct supervisor, other level leaders in your organization (or other organizations with which you are familiar), a pastor/religious leader, head of a charity, local business person) in order to generate a variety of perspectives. Select one of those leaders in your life for your Leader2Leader dialogue in this course. Consider which one might have the most relevant insights for the topics you have been studying.


  1. Review the rubric to make sure you understand the criteria for earning your grade.
  2. Write a two to three-page executive summary, including your approved questions from Assignment 3.4, that contains the following:
  1. Name and title of each interviewee for each course to date in this program.
  2. Name and title of the interviewee (who you will have your Leader2Leader dialogue with). Explain why you chose this particular leader.
  3. Date, time, and choice of virtual communication when the interview was conducted
  4. Questions and summaries of interviewee responses, along with your reflections on those responses.
  • Be sure to link your learning in this course to your conclusions, especially noting when your interviewee shared insights that supported or contradicted what you’ve learned.
  • Include a conclusion paragraph to your paper that provides a succinct summary of your interview and learning. As an Appendix following your Reference page, please list the names of the leaders whom you have interviewed for each BSOL course you have completed thus far.
  • Submit your completed assignment by the end of the workshop week.
  • All papers are to be written and formatted in accordance with APA Guidelines (7th ed.). Papers must be logical, well organized, grammatically correct, and have correct spelling and sentence structure. Write in complete paragraphs of at least three sentences in length.
  • Feel free to utilize Academic Writer (APA formatting resource) and Grammarly (grammar and plagiarism check) on the IWU Resources page.
  • Proofread your papers prior to submitting them to ensure the highest quality of presentation.
  • The maximum number of pages is given to encourage you to be concise and use meaningful words.
  • Failure to meet these minimum writing and formatting requirements will result in a lowering of the overall grade. Use a #12 font in Times New Roman.
  • Naming Convention: Use the following format for naming the (Word document) files that contain your assignment:
  1. Part 1 – Initial of the first name
  2. Part 2 – Last name
  3. Part 3 – Assignment name
  4. Part 4 – Date: Using numbers in the order of month, day, and year.
  5. Example of the file name: SmithJ_Reflection Paper_8-14-21

Review the associated rubric

Access the assignment submission page

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