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Feedback when writing

Your instructions will be specific to the project you have chosen:

Portfolio: Outcomes #5, Complete Table of Contents and References

this is not necessarily how you need to write your reflection and it is a short version, but it gives you an idea. What did you do in this program that helped you to realize what a teacher leader is. It doesn't have to come from ED 5363 and you don't have to write your reflection exactly as I did. You need to have references. They can come from sources you found in this course or in other courses. I know that you also learn about characteristics of effective teachers in Educational Psychology and you could use that text as a reference. Mainly you need to answer these questions:

· What did you do in this program to show that you mastered the outcomes?

· Explain the artifact you chose and how it demonstrates mastery.

don't need to see the artifact each week.....I only need to know what it is. I'm pretty familiar with all of the possible artifacts. I'm more interested in your reflection. Let me know if you have any questions.