Latinx Studies Minor


 In this unit, we surveyed a few Latinx Youth Movements that organized around a myriad of social justice issues of their time. Specifically, with respect to the earlier iterations of the Latinx youth movements of the 1970s, a major component of their work involved the topic of "self-determination" and education about their cultural history and recognition of the contributions of Latinx communities to the United States. This push for education motivated the creation of Chicanx/Latinx studies curriculum and programs at a number of colleges/universities. As of 2007, there were 45 Chicanx Studies, 3 Puerto Rican Studies, 1 Central American Studies, and 28 Latino Studies programs offering at least an undergraduate major (Mize 2019). [Minors were not included in the stats].

Considering the aforementioned statistics, and the discussions our class has had with respect to education and the value of diversity and inclusion in our curriculums, this Analytical Response assignment will ask students to review and assess the Latina/o Studies Minor offered at ( my college name). Particularly, students are asked to analyze of the Course Offerings (What types of courses are offered currently? What types of courses would you suggest creating/adding to this list?) and the Minor Completion (Do you think that the minor (18 credits) is "flexible" and possible for students to complete in a timely fashion? Explain.) 

Finally, comment on your perception regarding the "visibility" of this minor at ( my college name) (i.e. Before this class, did you know you could minor in Latina/o Studies?) and  how close you are to completing the required 18 credits.  (I have only 3 credits after finishing that course so after this course im 15 credits away

Latina/o Studies Minor PDF is Attached and can also be found in the "Week 9 Readings" folder.

Responses should be 1-3 pp. and follow MLA format (i.e. double-spaced, 12pt Times New Roman, etc.). See syllabus for example of MLA header.

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