1. Read Crouch (Chapters 12–16) and Sturken and Cartwright (Chapter 8 pp. 307–321).
  2. From Crouch (Chapter 2): According to Crouch, what is the difference between necessary and sufficient? How do these affect the success of a cultural good? Do you agree?
  3. From Crouch (Chapters 13 and 14): Can you relate to the idea of the powerful and powerless at work in culture? How is power used and potentially abused when Christians leave their churches? How do we use the power of our knowledge in Christ?
  4. From Sturken and Cartwright (Chapter 8): Compare the definition of modernism (as presented in Chapter 3) with the definition of postmodernism. How does the postmodern style inform popular culture, art, literature, study questions should be three pagesss typed, and double-spaced.architecture, and advertising? 
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