IT206: Design and Analysis of Algorithms -week 4



Read Chapter 11, section 11.1-11.6

Answer the questions from lesson 4.

1. Submit the algorithm from lesson 4 attachment with the number of moves.

2. Submit the C++ program where you modify the practice 2 example in Lesson 4.Use the link Online C++ from module week 1 if you don't have C++ on your computer. 

Modify the program to ask the user for ID and name as variables and output the user's information exactly as shown:

Hello my school ID is xxxx, and my name is xxxx. 


You are required to make at least two comments on the responses posted by you classmates with a minimum of 50 words. Make sure you design your response with your own words. Your responses to your classmates must be of substance; not just “I agree” or “Good Post.” The purpose of the responses is to convert the discussion forum into a quality academic environment through which you improve your knowledge and understanding. Read and review all assigned course materials and chapters before you start working on your assignments.

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