IT206: Design and Analysis of Algorithms



1. Given this sequence of numbers:

         9        13        19        27        37

 a) What is the next number?

 b) Write in your own word an algorithm to solve this problem for any numbers.

2. Let's say we have the following sequence: 

n=1   S=9

n=2   S=13

n=3   S =19

n=4   S = 27

n=5   S = 37

 What is the value of S for n = 0  and n = 10? Explain how you get your answers.

 You are required to make at least two comments on the responses posted by you classmates with a minimum of 50 words. Make sure you design your response with your own words. Your responses to your classmates must be of substance; not just “I agree” or “Good Post.” The purpose of the responses is to convert the discussion forum into a quality academic environment through which you improve your knowledge and understanding. Read and review all assigned course materials and chapters before you start working on your assignments. 

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