IT ( a requirements analysis for an EDRMS (Electronic Documents and Records System)


You are asked to conduct a requirements analysis for an EDRMS (Electronic Documents and Records System) in a specific department at Marymount. Feel free to select a specific department at Marymount university , located in Arlington VA. Some examples are:

  • College of Business, Innovation, Leadership, and Design (BILT) Office
  • International Student Services Office
  • Registrar’s Office
  • Student Access Service
  • Center For Teaching and Learning
  • Admission and Enrollment services
  • Student Health Office
  • Student Account Office
  • Alumni Outreach Office
  • Financial Aid Office
  • Center for Global Education

Come up with 10 significant questions that need to be asked to ensure that you can build an effective and secure electronic documents and records system for the assigned department.

-- In your initial post, first state which department you pick; then make a brief description of the context (e.g., what type of documents or records do they collect or create, how many documents or records are there, and how many staffs working for the department would be the users, etc.). Feel free to make appropriate  assumptions if no factual information can be obtained; and at last list 10 questions that can be used to elicit requirements of the EDRMS from users (e.g., department staffs, student workers, etc.).

--You also need to read at least two of your colleagues’ lists and write down your reactions (whether the list is complete, whether there is any important question missing, etc.).

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