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IT 600 Milestone Three Guidelines and Rubric


In this final stage of your course project, you will leverage the analytical organizational profile you created for Milestone Two to build a full organizational profile with greater detail and specific application layer benefits.


In this milestone, you now have  four criteria to address instead of the  two previous criteria you addressed in Milestone Two. You can reuse the two criteria you completed in the Milestone Two to complement the application and task-oriented details in this stage. Be sure to incorporate any instructor feedback you received on your Milestone Two submission.

Using the Milestone Three Template, create a full organizational profile that includes these critical elements:

· A description of each GPOS Feature in the template using relevant technical terms and topic-related details (same information you provided Milestone Two).

· A description in business terms of how the absence of each GPOS feature impacts a business such as TSI (same information you provided Milestone Two).

· A description of the impact of each GPOS feature on the software applications that are typically run by businesses.

· A detailed description of how each feature would be implemented in a typical business back-office environment.

· Your recommendation that maps the technology you have described above to the overall requirements of TSI and its endeavor to implement TSO OS in its back office.

What to Submit

Complete the  Student Analysis fields in the table in the Milestone Three Template. If you prefer, you can create a stand-alone paper using the  Profile Criteria field as sections headers.