Iron Deficiency Anemia



Case Study : Iron Deficiency Anemia

A PPT that  includes

I. The case study will be prepared and should include the following: 

1. A brief medical history for the patient. (if not available, make up a suitable history for your case)

2. The patient’s clinical findings - including signs, symptoms, and chief complaint. 

3. Laboratory tests ordered and appropriate results for the diagnosis. Must include reference ranges and encompass more than one lab area / department. (example: RBC Morphology from Hematology and Total Protein from Chemistry) 

4. Describe two lab procedures:  Manual Hemoglobin and Spun Hematocrit

a. Manual lab procedure. Include a brief principle & procedure OR choose a specific analyte

( Ferritin) related to the case study and give the history of analysis for that analyte.

b. Automated lab procedure. Include brief principle of operation and brief methodology within your presentation. Include very in-depth documentation for your Automation Report. Do NOT include everything in your Automation Report. The automation is Abbott ARCHITECT i2000SR the analyte is FERRITIN.  Be sure to include the methodology (principles and chemical reactions)

6. Audio-visuals 

8. Be inventive, creative.  

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