Introduction / Literature Review Self-Critique


Using Pyrczak and Tcherni-Buzzeo (2019) (Chs. 4 and 5) (attached)  and the APA publication manual (2019) (Chs. 4-6) (not attached- its online)

- Evaluate your OWN introduction and literature review from RES 7011. (attached)

So Chapters 4 and 5 both have nine (9) questions. Use the write-up (RES 7011) attached to answer the question. each question has a measuring scale from 1-5 or is not applicable, after you select the range, writeup falls based on the question, and provide a little explanation (btw 3-4 lines - basically a small paragraph) This explanation is more important than the number range. 

Under each question there is an explanation of the question

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