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EDAS 647

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OVERVIEW The purpose of this assignment is to present the existing or created policy (identified in the Legal Entanglement Project: Part 1 - Topic Selection and Ethical Analysis Assignment) to select families, caregivers, colleagues, special/general education teacher(s), supervisors, administrators, and/or students (i.e., the stakeholders).

INSTRUCTIONS After analyzing your selected topic, decide (a) which stakeholders should be involved in addressing the issue and (b) how you will advocate for strategies, policies, programs, and practices that represent ethical principles and/or legal requirements. Communication with Stakeholders: In the provided Legal Entanglement Project: Part 1 – Preliminary Communication and Advocacy Plan Template, identify two stakeholders with whom you will collaborate to address your selected issue. These stakeholders may be individuals or groups.

• Examples of Individual Stakeholders: principal, superintendent, school counselor, resource officer, attorney, human resources director, curriculum coordinator, parent- teacher organization president, special education director, etc.

• Examples of Stakeholder Groups: school board, leadership team, parent-teacher association, middle school teachers, local news media, city council, etc.

If you are currently a school employee, you will use your school colleagues for the analysis. If you are not currently working in a school or if you do not have connections, you will reach out to stakeholders who have connections within the schools (i.e., parents who have children in school, friends who are teachers, etc.). Interview and Advocacy: Next, you are to interview your identified stakeholder individuals or groups to gather feedback on your selected policy. This collaborative effort is a crucial component of the final presentation and will require you to talk to people, parents, faculty, etc., within your selected school. Please note this does not mean using research studies but rather having conversations with actual stakeholders. This is a required portion of the final presentation, so please take the time to make connections within the placement or selected school. Schedule an interview with each of your two selected stakeholder individuals or groups so you can get feedback from them regarding the existing policy and/or the need for a new policy. After your interviews, provide the following in the template:

• A paragraph summarizing the feedback you received from the stakeholder(s) in each interview. Your summary must illustrate how the stakeholder’s feedback clearly supports the significand and meaningfulness of the topic.

• A screenshot of a customized follow-up email you sent to each stakeholder after the interview. Each follow-up communication must be at least 250 words, and:

o Confirm your understanding of their feedback. o Convey your own concerns regarding the topic. o Advocate for ethical decisions related to the topic.

EDAS 647

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A title page that adheres to current APA formatting is required.

Note: Your assignment will be checked for originality via the Turnitin plagiarism tool.