Information Systems week 4 assignment



Answer the following questions in depth

  • What is the chief advantage of using preassigned UDP port numbers? The chief disadvantages?
  • What is the chief advantage of using protocol ports instead of process identifiers to specify the destination within a machine?
  • UDP provides unreliable datagram communication because it does not guarantee delivery of the message. Devise a reliable datagram protocol that uses timeouts and acknowledgements to guarantee delivery. How much network overhead and delay does reliability introduce?
  • TCP uses a finite field to contain stream sequence numbers. Study the protocol specification to find out how it allows an arbitrary length stream to pass from one machine to another.
  • Lost TCP acknowledgements do not necessarily force retransmissions. Explain why.
  • What are the arguments for and against automatically closing idle connects?

Suppose an implementation of TCP uses initial sequence number 1 when it creates a connection. Explain how a system crash and restart can confuse a remote system into believing that the old connection remained open. 

Note: Strictly No copy paste, Plagiarism results in course termination. Please include references, please do the assignment in APA FORMATE.

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