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Please read and review any reputable article of your choice on the following topic: System Architectures. In your review, describe the system architecture and provide examples of cloud-based and virtualized systems.

See  Article Reviews for further instructions regarding formatting requirements.

Article Reviews

Please keep in mind that there are three article reviews required for this course. Be sure to follow these instructions in order to receive full credit:

1. The article reviews must deal with the security topics specified each week (please click on the link for each Article Review for details).

2. Each article review should be 1-2 pages, typed, and double spaced.

3. The article reviews must be typed in the following format:


1. Article # (1, 2, 3), Name, Date.

2. Name of article, source (newspaper, magazine, etc…), author of article, and date of article.

3. Summary of the article.

4. Your insight/comments about the article (what you thought about it, etc.).

5. APA format should be used (see APA Format announcement for details). The  Purdue Online Writing LabLinks to an external site.  is a useful resource.