Information Systems assignment



1. Create the spreadsheet in the picture below.
2. Enter the spreadsheet title, row and columns headings. Format them appropriately to match the example.
3. Create formulas for the following and then copy them to the appropriate cells:
a. Success Total which equals the total number of A’s, B’s and C’s for each Semester.
b. Success Rate which equals the Success total divided by the Number of Students for each semester.
c. Average all of the columns in the worksheet.
4. Format the Success rate as percentages with no decimal spaces.
5. Format the averages with no decimal spaces.
6. Create the column chart which shows the Success Rate over time, each Semester. Look up how to select non-adjacent columns to chart if necessary.
7. Change the name of the sheet tab to Success Rate.
8. Save the spreadsheet as P1P3Name replacing Name with your first initial and then last name.
9. Submit your completed spreadsheet into the Blackboard assignment link by the due date on the course detailed schedule.

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