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Information technology is a vast and evolving area and hence provides a wide range of

topics to choose from for research work. A lot has been written about technology;

however, a lot remains to be said about it. With every passing day, many new subjects are

getting added in the technological field. Refer to the guidelines below for more


o Cloud Computing - is the latest technology that has made a huge change in the

way data is stored and processed in servers.

o Internet Censorship – is a topic based on the information flow over the internet.

o Data Security - is mainly based on the misuse of technology. Taking advantage

of the loopholes in technology to cause serious damage by hacking or phishing


o Robotic surgery – Is one of the latest achievements of technology in using the

help of robotics to achieve success in medical surgery.

o Electronic surveillance – is the use of technology to monitor important and

secured places with the use of camera and video devices to protect them from

possible dangers.

o Artificial intelligence -This topic has made its name long back in the history of

technology but is ever evolving. It mainly deals with the use of technology to

make devices behave like human beings.

o Imaginare -The use of technology to share your photos over the internet with

your friends.

o Data Mining - To detect technical fraud and theft. It deals with protection of

online card usage.

o Tracking of Defects -A system to track defects or issues that might result out of

the development stage.

o Business Protocols - The set of rules or guidelines that are not defined yet

followed in the technology business field.

o Internet Shopping - The use of the internet to purchase almost everything from

the comfort of your home.

o E-Billing - The summary of bills or expenditure arising out of online shopping

and leading to their mode of payment.


1. Choose from one of the topics listed above. All of the topics above are rather broad,

therefore, you will need to choose a subtopic or a more narrow topic to create your

PowerPoint. Each topic has a brief description which will assist you with narrowing

down your topic.

a. For Example: A subtopic for Cloud Computing may be The future of Cloud





2. Research your chosen topic. Present your topic that exhibit you have full understanding

and knowledge of your chosen topic. Highlight the most important areas of your chosen


3. Use the PowerPoint 7 x 7 rule: 7 bullets per slide max: 7 words per bullet.

4. Incorporate speaker notes in the notes pane at the bottom of each slide. The speaker

notes should further explain each bullet.

5. Incorporate appropriate animations, transitions, and graphics.

6. Be sure to include citations for quotations and paraphrases with references in APA format

and style.

7. Length: 10 – 15 slides (with a separate reference slide and title slide)

8. Upload the completed assignment.

9. Presentation date: Refer to the Course Calendar or Module 7 in Canvas.