Information Governance Plan


Course Project CAHIIM Domains

  • Domain I. Data Structure, Content, and Information Governance
  • I.2. Develop strategies for the management of information.
  • I.3. Develop strategies to achieve data integrity with data governance standards. 
  • I.6. Design data dictionaries in compliance with governance standards. 
  • Domain III. Informatics, Analytics, and Data Use 
  • III.5. Create organizational knowledge with database management techniques. 

Information Governance Plan and Data Dictionary

  • This course project will help you
    • broaden your understanding in interpreting health information terminologies, vocabularies and classification systems.
    • develop data management policies and structure.
    • develop policies and procedures for the exchange of health information
    • develop methods for promoting interoperability using health informatics and information governance standards.
  • As Chief Information Officer (CIO) for a health organization, you will create an information governance plan and data dictionary component.
  • Your project will include a written policy on how your organization will manage/govern data and protected health information. 
  • Things to consider:
  • What are the associated standards for this type of setting? 
  • What type of information are you governing?
  • How would you implement this plan? 
  • What other factors need to be considered? 
  • In addition to your data governance plan you will create a data dictionary (minimum of 8 elements with 5 attributes)
  • Consider the applicable data set or documentation requirements, and standards for the health setting of choice.
  • You may use Excel to create your data dictionary. Keep in mind that the data dictionary includes categories of data (name, address, date of birth) and attributes (character length, style, etc) 
  • Overall the information governance plan shpuld be 3-5 pages, APA format, 12 pt times new roman font, 1" margins, double spaced. The data dictionary should be included in your report. 
  • Please take a look at the examples of past student submissions in the course project folder.

Please also see the attachment, "The Project Focus on the Hospital Healthcare Setting."  I submitted that to show my focus on the Healthcare setting. 

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