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Search Procedure

A systematic review of the literature for behavioral feeding interventions with children that did not include escape

extinction or other intrusive interventions was conducted in accordance with the PRISMA guidelines (Moher et al., 2009).

The PRISMA model entails four tiers: (1) identifying articles, (2) screening articles, (3) assessing eligibility of articles, and

(4) the inclusion of articles.

The primary researcher conducted the primary database search by evaluating articles on PsychINFO from the

years 1980 to 2018. The search terms were: “(food selectivity OR food refusal OR picky eating OR food aversion OR

feeding disorders) AND autism NOT escape extinction” and “(food selectivity OR food refusal OR picky eating OR food

aversion) NOT escape extinction” and “(food selectivity OR food refusal OR picky eating OR food aversion) AND

‘avoidance/restrictive food intake disorder’ NOT escape extinction.” The PsychINFO search yielded 525 articles. Then the

titles and abstracts, of the 525 retrieved articles, were read by the primary researcher. The primary researcher also

manually reviewed an additional 85 for articles based upon the articles that were assessed for eligibility. Thus, a total of

610 articles were initially identified. The primary researcher removed 222 duplicates from the two sources of finding

potential articles. This left a total of 388 articles to be screened. The primary researcher excluded 289 articles from further

review because the study did not examine increased food or 8 REVIEW FEEDING INTERVENTIONS liquid acceptance

without the use of escape extinction or intrusive procedures. Therefore, a total of 99 articles remained for the reviewer to

evaluate the eligibility criteria for inclusion by reading the full-text of the article.

Twenty-one articles were found that met the criteria for inclusion; 78 articles did not meet inclusion criteria. The

majority (n=38) of the articles were excluded due to using escape extinction (i.e. nonremoval of the spoon, escape

prevention, physical prompt to consume) and nine were removed as the treatment was not specified throughout the

article. Further explanation of reasons for exclusion are summarized in Table 1. The PRISMA diagram in Figure 1

indicates the number of reviewed and included articles (Moher et al., 2009).