Impact of radicals in health


Part A.

The video above is an introduction of the impact of radicals in  health.  Use the internet to find images of at least 3 chemical  structures of antioxidants found in food and discuss how their  structural similarities explains their antioxidant activity. )Use  the  video as a reference for source of antioxidants.

Part B.

In our body, chemicals are transformed into more reactive molecules  that allows for a more efficient interaction with specific receptors or  enzymes. This increased reactivity may be due to conversion into highly  reactive intermediates such as: (1) electrophiles, (2) free radicals,  (3) nucleophiles, or (4) redox-active reactants.

  • Use the internet or any other sources to find examples of the toxic  effect of these intermediates in our body and the biochemical reactions  they participate in our body.
  • Which of the reactive intermediates mentioned here are responsible  for the depletion of the ozone layer? Give the name and the structures  of these compounds.
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