subject is on eating disorders Below I have wrote who the person is I will be interviewing; I have written how many years they have worked as a certified registered nurse anesthetist and how they have come into contact with patients in varies crisis situations being a Anesthetist. 300 WD APA.

***********MY Field Interviewee Mr. Moore Jones he is a certified registered nurse anesthetist specialist in General hospital in California who has taken the national board on certifications and recertification of Nurse anesthetists (NBCRNA). Over 17 years ago. Mr. Moore Jones being a certified registered nurse anesthetist specialist has direct experience encountered many emergency crisis situations caused by eating disorders such as Anorexia Nervosa some patients have had to have feeding tubes due to the eating disorders. Mr. Moore have also preformed anesthesia on obese patients who underwent surgery for the gastric bypass and the sleeve gastrectomy. Mr. Moore Jones have also had to do perform emergency anesthesia for some patients that were having a myocardial infarction better known as a heart attack. **************

To submit APA  topic on eating disorders 

* Give us the name and credentials of your candidate (title, qualifications, general location, 

and number of years in the field).

* Then, you must explicitly tell us if this person has direct experience working in your 

topic area. This isn’t always a given. For example, a professional might have been a 

physician for 20 years yet never encountered someone with religious delusions. 

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