Human Resource Management Assignment: Collaborative Network



Watch the video, Case Management: CollaborationLinks to an external site., listed in the Module Introduction. As discussed throughout this course, building relationships, making connections with other agencies and professionals, and securing outside referrals for clients are all part of a case manager's role in helping clients improve the overall quality of their lives. In order to accomplish these tasks, collaboration is key.

Assuming the role of a future case manager, develop your own collaborative network. Describe what personal approaches, professional activities, and networking strategies you will use in your collaborative network. In addition, discuss how inter-organizational collaboration benefits both the client and the case manager. Complete your assignment by including a list of 5 local resources (in your community) you believe will be the best resources to start your collaborative network. Include a brief description of each resource/agency, contact information and website, what services are offered and what populations the agency serves.

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