1. Open the Teachers table and add three (3) more professors’ names to the Teachers table.  Open the Students_Classes table and add more ClassID for each student to take at least three classes. 
  2. Open the Course table.  The course fee (Fee) in the table Course happened to be typed as Short Text.  Convert the Short Text type data for Fee field to real numbers with two digits below the decimal point (For example: “400.50” text should be displayed to 400.50 in real number).  And display the average course fee at the bottom row.  
  3. Open the table Teachers_Classes and set up a lookup table for TeacherID that displays a teacher’s last name (LastName of Teachers table) in the table Teachers that corresponds to the TeacherID number. 
  4. Open a relationship diagram by clicking Database Tools / Relationships from the top menu.  On this diagram, establish 1-to-many relationships between the Teachers table and Teachers_Classes table via TeacherID attribute.  
  5. Create a query, TeachersPayByClass, that displays LastName, ClassID, and PaymentAmount. (Hint 1: Find the needed tables from the Relationships Diagram.)  (Hint 2: If you don’t see TeacherPayments table or other tables of the left pane in the Relationships Diagram, just drag the missing table of the left pane to the right pane.  Push Control-S buttons to save the new Relationships Diagram.) 
  6. Create a query, TeachersPayTotal, that displays TeacherID, LastName, and TotalPay as the sum of the fees for the classes that each teacher teaches.  The TotalPay of the query should display in the Currency format.  (Hint: You need Totals / Group By function to set up the query.) 
  7. Open the table Classes.  Provide a validation rule to the field EndingDate that the class should end after 5/1/2017.  Also enter a warning message in the Validation Text in the case the previous validation rule is not kept. 
  8. Create a query, TuitionBalance that displays student’s FirstName, LastName, TotalCharge as the sum of Fee in the Course table, AmountPaid, and Balance as [TotalCharge] – [AmountPaid].  All amounts should display in the Currency format.  (Hint 1: You need ∑ Totals / Group By function to set up the query.) 
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