SECTION(A) The federal government’s role in the regulation of the supplement industry continues to be a controversial topic. We see older adults purchasing them to treat health conditions, teens using them to lose weight or enhance athletic performance, and still others using them to try and improve health or prevent disease. There are specific health consequences associated with both deficient or excessive intake of many nutrients, which adds to the controversy. In this debate, you will address the risks and benefits of dietary supplements, as well as the impact of current government regulations on the safety and efficacy of these products. Instructions, present, and debate – (1) for more government regulation of the supplement market AND(2) against this increased regulation. You will be notified via class mail which side you will present in this discussion. Compose fact based debating points for your position. Finally, did this debate change your perspective on this issue, and why? Section B Instructions The fluid composition of our cells and tissues is critical to our body’s ability to function. The fluid that we consume through various foods and beverages works to keep us properly hydrated. In this discussion, we will look specifically at how much water we drink each day. Instructions Keep track of the quantity of water you consume for three days. Share with us how much water you consumed and what you think about this consumption relative to what you think you need to consume for proper hydration. Will you change your water consumption in the future? What affects your water consumption? Is it difficult to drink the amount of water recommended? What are some potential consequences of inadequate water intake, or excessive water intake? What recommendations do you have for those struggling with consuming enough water daily? Is your tap water safe? How can the chemical or physical properties of water vary by source? How do you know (where do you get this information)? will be uploaded later. 

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