HTM 250 DUE 12/11/21...."Choosing a Distributor" 4 TO 6



Choosing a Distributor


Today’s hospitality managers have many options when choosing a purchasing distributor for their business. These distributors range from large distribution firms that carry anything a hospitality company needs to small niche suppliers that specialize in a specific category of products.You will conduct an in-depth research study chosen from one major food or equipment distributor from the following list:

  • Sysco.
  • U.S. Food Service.
  • Performance Food Group.
  • Gordon Food Service.
  • Food Services America.


Write a 4–6 PG.  in which you:

  1. Choose one distributor company and provide a brief overview including:
    • The history of the company.
    • The geographical areas that they serve.
    • A high-level list of supplies they offer (by category).
    • The main competitors.
  2. Choose one competitive distribution company and compare and contrast five similar products (offered by both firms) in the areas of price, quality, and value. Create a table to represent the data.
  3. Provide an overview of the company’s payment policy including:
    • The objective of payment policy.
    • The costs of paying early.
    • The costs of late payment.
    • The mechanics of bill paying.
    • Discounting.
  4. Determine whether to choose this distributor as the main supplier for the restaurant chain you selected MCDONALDS. Explain the decision by discussing the following items: 
    • The impact of the distributor’s purchasing policy on supplier selection.
    • The distributor’s ranking based on the supplier Purchasing: Selection and Procurement for the Hospitality Industry.
    • The most important supplier selection criteria for the distributor.
      • The comparison between this distributor and its competitors based on the selection criteria you identified as most important.
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