HR - Acquiring Employees


 Section A: Executive Summary - 1 page

Explain what you did and provide a little background information on the company that you chose. Discuss the assessment and what weaknesses or needs you discovered. Explain how the job descriptions will help with identified staffing needs. Provide other relevant details to give the reader an overview of this assignment. No more the one page.

Section B: Two Job Descriptions - 2 pages

· Select two positions in your organization (BANK) and develop a one-page detailed job description for each position

· Do not cut and paste existing job descriptions from your company. You must develop these on your own, though you are welcome to use samples to help you with style to give you a sense of how job descriptions look and feel.

· Take the time to conduct a job analysis and observe/recall employees in the selected positions, if needed, to accurately depict the knowledge, skills, abilities, and other characteristics that must be incorporated into the job descriptions. 

· If you are unable to observe, or are already familiar with the job, do your best to accurately depict the specific functions of the job.

· Sources for help, both descriptive and with examples:

o Job description help with template, from Case Western Reserve University

o  Job description template help, from

Job Description 1 - Bank Manager 1 page

Job description goes here. Sections may include but are not limited to: company name (real or fictitious to protect privacy), job title, who it reports to, duties and responsibilities (general and specific), skills and abilities, experience level, knowledge, personal attributes, physical requirements if needed, education, etc. other section as is relevant. Feel free to look at job postings on the web for formatting ideas if you prefer.

Job Description 2 - Personal Banker 1 page

Job description goes here. 

Section C: Conclusion - 300 words 

Share your overall concluding thoughts on the assessment and job descriptions. What do you expect to gain and what do you think the results will be? How do you anticipate it may help the organization? 

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