Written Summary: 

In your written summary you must answer the following 6 questions. Each answer 

should be clearly labeled with the question that is being addressed. Explicitly refer to 

the observation data, use course vocabulary and concepts, and respond fully to 

all aspects of the following questions. 

1. Based on your knowledge of child development, how would you describe age 

appropriate development for that child? Make sure to support your answers with specific 

examples and evidence. If you include evaluative or subjective terms, make sure that 

you explain the logic by which you reached that evaluation. 

2. Based on your observation, how would you describe the development of that child? 

Make sure to use specific evidence from your observation. 

3. Choose one of the DRDP measures that you used is to measure a part of social-

emotional development on a continuum. Discuss if you believe that this measure has 

good construct validity for these concepts. Make sure you explain your answer 


4. Do you believe the DRDP has general reliability? Did you understand the measure? 

Did you find it easy or challenging to decide which rating to give each activity on each 

scale? Are you sure that you would pick the same rating if you saw that same behavior/ 

event again? 

5. Do you believe that the DRDP items have test-retest reliability? If you observed this 

child on another day, would you find the same ratings? 

6. Do you believe that the DRDP items would have inter-rater reliability? Was the 

scale well defined? How confident are you that other people would interpret the scale in 

the same way and choose the same rating? 

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