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  1. Description of the visit. Include the following in your description:
    • The number of students in the center and the ethnicity of the students
    • The age range of the students
    • The foods served that represent the ethnic make up of the students and other ethnicities
    • How the weekly menu plan helps children develop healthy eating habits
    • Identify which foods on the menu are high in nutrients and low in additives (e.g., fresh fruits and vegetables).
    • Identify which foods on the menu are high in fats and/or sugars
    • How the weekly menu addresses any special dietary needs or possible food allergies
    • What activities are provided that foster motor development
    • A description of the activities and how much time is provided for young children to develop their gross motor skills
  2. Lunch Menu. Prepare a daily lunch menu and activity schedule for 2-year-old children in your early childhood setting. Think about what you have learned in this lesson about the CACFP guidelines for meal planning and child nutrition and SHAPE guidelines for physical activity. Describe your lunch menu and physical activities for the class and explain how your meal and activity plan addresses the CACFP and SHAPE guidelines.
  3. Comparison Description. Compare and contrast your plan to the weekly menu you reviewed on your visit. In your comparison include recommendations for the early childhood education program or center you visited. The recommendations are the purpose of this assignment and not intended to share with the program or center. Remember that you visited as a guest and not as an evaluator of their program.
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