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Mod 3 Discussion

 Please see the attachments for this assignment.

civil war

Discussion 3 uses Lessons 7, 8 located in this Mod.    

  1. Select one paragraph in a Lesson and write an Initial Discussion that analyzes how that paragraph demonstrates causes or effects of ‘Cultural’ continuity or change. In the next lesson focus on ‘Global’ continuity or change.  (Use Lessons in any order.) 
  2. Write in an MSWord.docx. Check with Grading Rubric. Open the Discussion, click ‘Reply’, paste one Initial Discussion in the box, and ‘Post’.  (Post each Initial Discussion SEPARATELY. 500 words for ALL combined.)
  3. Open Discussion, read classmate answers, find three to reply to. Write replies in an MSWord.docx.  QC using Grading Rubric.  Open correct classmate Discussion, click ‘Reply’, paste in the box, and Post.  (Repeat process for other Replies.)
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