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The purpose of this assignment is to allow you the opportunity to analyze major characteristics of the U.S health care system, while also allowing you a more in-depth opportunity to analyze these characteristics and understand how they specifically play a role in current trends in health care.
U.S. health care is different from any other health care setting in the world. The U.S health care environment is referred to as a system because it offers numerous features, components, and services. Understanding this system-based approach is critical for you as an allied health care professional. For this assignment, choose two of the following 10 characteristics of the U.S. health care system.

  • No central agency
  • Partial access
  • Multiple payers
  • Imperfect market conditions
  • Third-party payers
  • Balancing of powers
  • Litigation risks
  • High technology use
  • Services offered
  • Quality measurement  

In 850-900 words explain: 

The role of each characteristic you chose with a focus on the impact on the current health care system.

Two current trends and driving forces within those characteristics that impact the current health care system.

The appropriate skills needed to manage these trends and issues within your scope of practice, while considering various principles of the Christian worldview.

Provide a minimum of three scholarly sources 

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