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I Need help! I have a project that I have to come up with, final project I will be taking an idea, product, or service that is new that you would like to implement. I will incorporate my idea into a paper that links my idea to concepts as leadership, SWOT, Policy, etc.   The idea should be something new and should be supported with research.  This is a very open project and you have the ability to pursue any topic related to Healthcare. I think the topic I will pick is Drone-delivered medical supplies. I have to do a 5 Min power point presentation and a 5 page paper. I've all all the info I think will be helpful. I've added SWOT guidelines and some websites that have the topic of drone medical delivery. I will update with more info as I get it and please reach out with any questions so I can help with what I can. Thank you in advance! this is much appreciated :)

Topic 1. David Abney: Drone-delivered medical supplies

What SWOT is -

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