Healthcare Information Compliance


Discussion 175 words:

  • Identify organizations that      uphold Healthcare Information System security standards, such as HIPAA,      HIE, etc.
  • What roles do      these organizations play in upholding HIT security?
  • In your      opinion, which of these organization’s standards are the most important?

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Michelle Gonzalez

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There are several healthcare organizations that are required to implement HIPAA to make sure confidentiality and patient data are secure. The physician’s role and responsibilities are to safeguard ePHI (electronic protected health information) and always assure clandestine, honorableness, and protection of data. Health insurance portability and accountability act delineates managerial actions, regulations, and procedures, dominate the choice, growth, fulfillment, and maintaining safeguard scope to shield computerized wellness data and to delineate the policy of the shielded objects labor force in affiliation with securing that information.

Health information exchange is, included in different aspects of the healthcare organizations which permits doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and different medical workers and patients to properly be allowed to gain entry safely allotment to essential medical data that is computerized, enhancing fastness, quality, security, and expense of patient treatment.

The roles that HIPAA and HIE play in comforting HIT security:

  • Entire      secured PHI (protected health information must be enciphered
  • Any      medical personnel that are permitted should have specialized rare user      identification in order when using PHI they can be supervised.
  • Utilization      of tech to abide by HIPAA necessity to automated switch off to block      unapproved grant to protected health data when a cellular device is left      not watched, also goes for personal computers.

I strongly feel like HIPPA is more essential because it will prevent HIE due to the need of permission to disclose any type of patient data. HIPAA is meant to maintain medical insurance, secure confidentiality, and safeguard of health care data. There are three types of regulations that HIPAA is known for privacy regulation, security regulation, and breach notification regulation. The nationwide standard is formed when the regulations are being adhered to. These three important regulations was created to abide with the law and prohibit the utilization of health data that can determine a person's personal health record and with the tech security the enciphered data to prevent sharing of data without access.

Reply#2Latrice Martin

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Several organizations play a pivotal role in upholding Healthcare Information System (HIS) security standards, ensuring compliance with regulations like the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and Health Information Exchange (HIE). One notable organization is the Office for Civil Rights (OCR), a part of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, responsible for enforcing HIPAA regulations. OCR conducts audits, investigates complaints, and promotes awareness to ensure healthcare entities adhere to HIPAA standards.

Additionally, the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) focuses on advancing the use of information technology in healthcare. They provide resources, education, and best practices to healthcare professionals, contributing to the overall improvement of HIT security.

In my opinion, while all these organizations play crucial roles, HIPAA stands out as particularly significant due to its comprehensive framework for protecting patients' sensitive health information. HIPAA establishes standards for electronic transactions, privacy, and security, aiming to safeguard healthcare data across various platforms. Adherence to HIPAA not only ensures legal compliance but also fosters a culture of privacy and security within healthcare organizations, making it a cornerstone in the landscape of HIS security standards.

Assignment Content


As a health care IT employee, it is important to have an understanding of the laws that exist to ensure compliance is maintained for Healthcare Information Systems. 

Imagine you have been asked to draft an email to be sent out to all new employees explaining the regulatory, privacy, and compliance issues that the employees should be aware of. 

Write a 750- to 1,000-word email on compliance of Healthcare Information regulations to be shared with new employees. 

Include the following: 

  • Explain       the most important regulations that need to be considered for the       Healthcare Information Systems.
  • Describe       the origins of HIPAA and the importance this law has on health care       organizations. 
  • Describe       privacy and ethical issues related to PHI.
  • How       is PHI maintained?
  • What       are the consequences of non-compliance of all health care regulations?
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