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Group Activity

Studying a Real Life Situation

Team members will survey their present employment situation for a real human resource management problem, shortcoming, goal, or condition. From the options generated by each individual team member, the team will select one issue to develop. (Consider visiting with your employer executives/key managers/supervisors /human resource staff before submitting your idea to your team.)

The team will prepare a one-page summary of the situation and how it impact’s the employer’s short and long-term business objective(s).  The team will study this situation for deeper analysis and problem definition, identify best practices, research recommendations, and suggest implementation including a rough budget estimate. The issue must be developed in the context of a real business operation. Your team is invited to submit the issue to the instructor by the end of Unit 5 if you feel feedback is needed on your choice of issue. 

The team will prepare an 8-10 page double-spaced paper that addressed the selected problem including: 

  • Description of the problem/issue (So what?)
  • Alternatives considered (research/best practices)
  • Your proposed course of action
  • The implications of your course of action. Pros and      Cons.
  • What are the barriers and supporting conditions?      Include the financial requirements of your course of course of action.
  • Implementation plan
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