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Directions: Your final portfolio will be  a 2-to-3-page long (double-spaced) reflection paper that develops the following topics into a unified, coherent, and well-developed essay in first person: 

· Assignment(s) you struggled with the most in ENG 309 and why. You must mention the name of each assignment, as well as the corresponding course files in your reflection. Be specific.

· Areas in which you noted the most improvement and growth (e.g. pre-writing, organizing, using more effective word choice, researching, integrating sources, revising, editing, etc.). Be specific. 

· Areas in your writing which need more development, such as content, organization, and style. Be specific. 

· If you had more time, which course paper would you revise and why? How would you improve it? Be specific. If you earned an A+ on all the course papers, describe how you would have written those papers differently, perhaps by incorporating scholarly sources such as ________and/or using a different hook in your introduction, such as______. Be specific.

· Your plans for writing in the future (e.g. what aspect or kind of writing for other classes and/or your career and how you plan to go about it). Be specific. 

Your 2-3-page long reflection paper will be graded according to these content-related requirements, as well as your diction, tone, style, and grammar. 

I will be looking for specific and relevant content that thoroughly covers all of the topics listed above. Generic papers will earn an unsatisfactory grade.