Please show which ones is part 1 and which one is part 2

Part 1: 

- APA format, citation include, references, 1 page

- Topic:

Understanding the similarities and differences between healthcare administration and other health-related fields is important in helping you decide your career choices as well as understand how you will use your skills and experience as part of an interprofessional team. Post a response to the following:

  • Reflecting on your career goals and research interests, how will your completion of the DHA( Doctor Health Administration) degree vs Medical Student help you achieve your goals and interests?
  • Reflecting on the difference between other health-related fields and healthcare administration, how will you utilize both the individual and collective skills and experience of team members to deliver a higher level of services within a healthcare services organization (HSO)?

Part 2: Relate to Part 1

- APA format, in-text ciation, references include, 1.5 pages

  • Describe the type of HSO in which you plan to continue your career and explain why you chose that type of HSO. 
  • Describe two or three topics of interest to you that relate directly to working within your selected HSO and the organizational problem(s) you identified. 
  • For each of your selected topics, describe at least two scholarly resources related to that topic that you found on a professional association website.
  • Explain how these topics have the potential to promote positive social change. 
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