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Petroleum 1.0.1.. mid-term. Name:


The following test is a mix between (multiple choices and true or false statement):

Answer 40 questions .


1.The company's successful advertising campaign resulted in a substantial pay rise for the marketing executive.

1. A: marketing executive 2. B: accountant 3. C: landman

2.The company is looking to hire experienced professionals to study the structure of the earth in the oil field.

1. A: lawyers 2. B: geologists 3. C: hydrologists

3.The rig was in bad condition and took several hours to clean and repair.

1. A: diver 2. B: roustabout 3. C: rig manager

4.Derrick men were on the platform at the top of the rig, monitoring the drill pipe and mud processing.

1. A: derrick men 2. B: medics 3. C: gaugers

5.Blackwell invests billions of dollars each year to explore new areas and increase its proven reserves.

1. A: recover 2. B: extract 3. C: explore

6.The oil extracted was stored in the doghouse on the oil rig.

1. A: catwalk 2. B: possum belly 3. C: doghouse

7.A roughneck used a pill to stop the fluid leaking from the drilling.

Petroleum 1.0.1.. mid-term. Name:


1. A: flare 2. B: catline 3. C: pill

8.A young engineer was willing to move to the frozen tundra as the oil company offered to double his salary.

1. A: tundra 2. B: jungle 3. C: desert

9.Workers took shelter in the doghouse until the blizzard passed and they could go back to work.

1. A: light rain 2. B: blizzard 3. C: light snow

10.The oil rig was suddenly struck by lightning, putting the workers' lives in danger.

1. A: lightning 2. B: rain 3. C: hail

12.A roustabout working on a rig has to be in good shape because his work involves manual labor.

1. A: manual labor 2. B: perks 3. C: shift work

13.The oil company requests its workers to do manual labor to ensure the continuous flow of operations.

1. A: leave 2. B: manual labor 3. C: shift work

14.The derrick man closely inspected the steel framework to locate the damage that needed repairing.

1. A: inspected 2. B: cleared 3. C: provided

Petroleum 1.0.1.. mid-term. Name:


15.The worker's job on the oil rig involved digging holes, locating leaks, and capping leaking oil pipes.

1. A: bolting 2. B: capping 3. C: screwing

16.The worker cut through the rusted steel surface with a grinder.

1. A: hacksaw 2. B: wrench 3. C: grinder

17.The rig worker loosened the nuts with a spanner and then separated the two pieces.

1. A: screwdriver 2. B: spanner 3. C: saw disc

18The workers used a swage to straighten the collapsing piping in the well.

1. A: swage 2. B: overshoot 3. C: drilling jar

19.The accountant estimated that the oil company's profits will go up by 20% this year.

1. A: estimates 2. B: comes to 3. C: subtracts

20.Geometry students were asked to join six lines to form the shape of a hexagon.

1. A: circle 2. B: hexagon 3. C: square

21.The engineer laid the metal sheet in a horizontal position flat on the ground.

1. A: vertical 2. B: horizontal 3. C: circular

22.Blackwell announced that it had processed over 5,000 gallons of oil last month.

1. A: gallons 2. B: centimeters

Petroleum 1.0.1.. mid-term. Name:


3. C: miles

23.The oil company constructed a pipeline which is 75 miles long and has increased its oil transportation by 20%.

1. A: feet 2. B: miles 3. C: acres

24.Blackwell announced that it had processed over 5,000 gallons of oil last month.

1. A: gallons 2. B: centimeters 3. C: miles

25.The oil company constructed a pipeline which is 75 miles long and has increased its oil transportation by 20%.

1. A: feet 2. B: miles 3. C: acres

26.Which graphic shape has no mention made anywhere throughout entire article/content?? A).Octagon b).Trapezoid c).Hexagon d).Circle 27.Purpose behind studying Geometry aspect within context discussed here entails exactly which objective/goal?? A).To learn methods calculating volume/surface area pertaining diverse shapes B).Study history relating geometry C).Learn about distinct geometric shapes D).Understand geological formations found prevalent across various oil fields. 28.According metric system currently adopted worldwide; which unit denotes measurement reflecting land area dimensions?? A).Hectares B).Meters C).Kilometers D).Millimeters 29.Which weather condition(s), if encountered at worksite/platforms, require immediate cessation/relocation: a.Light snow b.Hail c.Blizzard d.Sandstorms 30.What distinguishes roustabouts from rig welders within this sector ? A). Roustabouts operate drills while welders repair infrastructure . B ).Roustabouts handle general labor tasks whereas welders specialize welding/fabrication work C ).There isn't much difference between roles performed by these two positions within this field D ).Roustabouts represent entry-level posts, unlike certified/skilled Rig Welder positions.

Petroleum 1.0.1.. mid-term. Name:


31..Do new workers find it entertaining when someone confuses "catwalk" with "wildcat"? A ) True B ) False 32.Does 'doghouse' refer to actual housing units where workers reside while working at offshore rigs ? A )True B )False 33.In terms of slang used by workers at rigs , what does 'joint' signify ? A )True B )False 34.Is 'knowledge box' easily comprehended by fresh recruits joining offshore rigs? A ).True b ).False 35.What was memo issued about ? A ).Recruitment drive aimed towards remote locations b ).Offering bonus pay for those willing to relocate c ).Announcing hike d).Informing staff about new office locations. 36.. Does Measuring Up sell specialized measuring instruments called rota-meters? A) True B) False 37. What is the primary duty of a gauger working in the oil industry? A) Performing maintenance and repairs on drilling equipment B)Overseeing daily operations of drilling rig C)Monitoring and regulating flow of oil from a well D)Coordinating work among various teams at drilling site 38. Which position requires specialized training and certification in diving and underwater operations? A). Derrick man B). Diver C). Production foreman D). Roustabout 39. Is it mandatory for employees near fumes or chemicals to wear respirator masks and goggles while working at Oiltron? A). True B). False 40.What is primarily expected from tool-pushers (rig managers)? A.) Oversee daily operations & maintenance of drilling rig B.) Coordinate tasks between different crews & teams on rig C.) Ensure safety & compliance during all activities related to drilling D.) All options are correct.

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