For project 4, please provide short answers for the following:

  • Summarize the factors that influence the nature of metamorphic rocks
  • Describe the mechanisms for the formation of foliation in metamorphic rocks
  • Classify metamorphic rocks on the basis of their texture and mineral content,
  • Describe the various settings in which metamorphic rocks are formed and explain the links between plate tectonics and metamorphism
  • Summarize the important processes of regional metamorphism
  • Summarize the important processes of contact metamorphism and metasomatism
  • Explain the difference between relative and absolute age-dating techniques
  • Summarize the history of the geological time scale and the relationships between eons, eras, periods, and epochs
  • Describe the types of unconformities
  • Describe some applications and limitations of isotopic techniques for geological dating
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