Each week you will research, summarize, and submit a geography-related current event (CE) which you've found in the popular media (print newspapers, magazines, online newspapers, etc).  "Current" means articles published with one week of the assignment due date. News stories with geography-related content can include anything related to weather (hurricanes, tornadoes, droughts, record snowfalls or temperature, etc), natural disasters (earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, etc), climate-change/global warming, pollution, demographics, border & boundary changes/disputes, mapping, species habitat, water, etc.  The one realm into which I do not want you to stray is anything related to outer space (planets, asteroids, NASA-anything).  Granted, geography encompasses and touches an enormous range of scientific and cultural areas, but this is a geography, not an astronomy course.  If you are unclear as to whether or not a story qualifies as geographic, please contact me before you do any more work on it.

Once you have identified a suitable and interesting Current Event, post a summary (not a cut-and-paste of the article ; no long, unadulterated passages of the story, but a summary in your own words) in the CE section of the Discussion Board.  This summary must be at least 300 words,

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