geography 2



3.  You should research and post on the following: 

  1. Background
    1. Location- State and county, latitude/longitude (degrees), peak elevation, include a location map and satellite imagery
    2. Volcano type and composition
    3. Size of volcano—area, volume, etc.
  2. Volcanic Hazards
    1. Describe the hazards associated with a volcanic eruption from your group’s volcano
    2. What population may be or has been affected by volcanic hazards from your volcano? Briefly describe an historic eruption if appropriate
  3. Positives
    1. How do population centers near this volcano benefit from being located near/adjacent to the volcano? If no population centers exist near your volcano…speculate how they would benefit

In addition, please develop 2-3 questions for another classmate to answer related to the volcanic event you described.

Mauna Loa Hawaii is what I chose

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