Genre Analysis


Reading and describing a genre analysis, answering specific questions. 

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Genre analysis

Analysis of the genre

Specific evidence from the genre

What do you notice about the purpose of the text? Is the purpose explicitly stated or is it implied? Is the writer trying to inform, educate, persuade, prove a point, describe, narrate, or something else? Does the text want the audience to do, think, or understand something specific? 

What do you notice about the content/message? Is the main message directly stated or implied? Is there an introduction and/or conclusion? Is support/data provided for the claims that are made? 

What do you notice about word choice/language? Are there context-specific words used? Is the language advanced or is it able to be understood by a general audience? What sorts of transitions or other signpost phrases are used? Are there abbreviations used, and if so, are they defined/explained? Is first-person used (I or we)?

What do you notice about how the audience is addressed? How does the text engage with its target audience? Is the audience directly named? Is the audience directly addressed with “you?” Is it clear what the audience can be expected to already know or believe? What does the writer want the audience to do, think, or feel as a result of reading/viewing the text? 


What do you notice about the visual appearance and/or organization? Are there images/photos? If so, where are they in relation to the alphabetic text? Are there columns, bullet points, or headings? Does the text use sections and/or sub-sections? Columns? Bullet points? Varying font sizes? How does the text use color?