Gather all the in-depth information on the case studies. Make sure to choose a case study where you'll be able to figure out the answers for all the questions for the “details to be included”


_ Pick a case study from the internet specific to each Copyrights violation topic you chose. Try to choose the case studies for which a judgment is already given:

The topic I chose "LANG VAN, INC. V. VNG CORPORATION". Here is the link to that Copyrights violation case:

+ (The detail of the case in the PDF file at the bottom of the page)



-> Details that needs to be included for this topic are as follows:

1. Synopsis/Summary of the case.
2. Stakeholders and their rights, point of views of each of them.
3. Ethical issues found in the case.
4. Current solution/judgment that was given.

_ Length of this analysis: 2-3 pages

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