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Discussion 1

Present an organism that is used for medicinal purposes. As part of the presentation, include the full species name, its current status, and a photograph.

Additionally, state how the organism is used medicinally.

You can research your own organism or use the websites listed below to help you choose a unique species. To make this assignment more meaningful, you must choose a species that is different from everyone else’s in the class. Do not forget to properly credit the photograph used in your initial post.

The following are useful websites to aid you in choosing a species:

URI Medical Plant List

Medicinal Plants

11 Amazing Animals That Improve Your Health

Pharmaceutical Production From Transgenic Animals

Discussion 2


On the last day of the fiscal year, a co-worker asks you to cut a check for $2,000 as a miscellaneous expense for supplies in order to complete a project for a VIP customer today. You notice the invoice looks a little different from other invoices that are usually processed. You know that by preparing the closing entries tomorrow, the miscellaneous expense will be set to zero for the beginning of the year.

  1. Should you write this check today and record the expense or write the check tomorrow?
  2. How would the company be affected if the check is written and the invoice ends up being erroneous?
  3. What are the four closing journal entries? Why are these necessary?
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